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  • About Tentgather

    Our Mission
    To introduce the peaceful nature to those who live in busy Hong Kong
    To provide carefree outdoor experience
    To promote environmental conservation

    What else can we do other than food and shopping in Hong Kong?

    Sometimes you wonder about moving away from the hustle and bustle to breath in fresh air in the countryside. However, lacking of experience and shortage of gear discourages you from having all kinds of outdoor activities.

    Tentgather provides one-stop camping service, camping gear rental, kayaking trips, snorkeling experience, surfing and stand up paddling courses. All kinds of outdoor activities cater your interests and needs.

    Through outdoor experiences, participants get to interact with the nature, put down their stress from work, going back to life full of energy after fun from a day or two.

    We hope to share our interest for you to enjoy the beautiful nature.

    Tentgather, try and you will always remember.

  • Camping

    Tent-gather, we camp together.

    Why camping?

    Camping is such a great gathering activity. Having a group of friends playing together in the wild, cooking a delicious dinner, chatting freely around the campfire, it is such a happy and memorable time.

    Camping is also an excellent family activity. Kids can run freely on grassland, breath in the fresh air, get to know more about the nature and the importance of protecting the beautiful places. Parents are there to cook family dinner together. They sing campfire songs, looking up upon the moon and stars, that would have been such a wonderful weekend.

    Being in the wild, looking at the sunrise or sunset, appreciating the rivers and mountains or the stars with your partner is surely a sweet and memorable moment for the both of you.


    Thinking of a camping experience, but you are doubting on your camping knowledge or lacking of gears? Come and join our camping activities and have a taste on the simple lifestyle in the wild!

    Cost Include

    2:00 pm to 2:00 pm

    Dinner, supper, breakfast, tents, sleeping bags, mats, pot, stove, fuel, windshield, water bag, camping backpack, headlights, camp lights, shelter, photo sets, videos

  • Surfing and SUP

    For those who love the ocean and freedom

    Surfing? In Hong Kong?

    Imagine you are sliding on top of the sea, freely, how cool is that! Only those who have tried surfing can understand this unique and indescribable joyfulness.

    People wonder if surfing is possible in Hong Kong, thinking it as a really difficult sport as well. However, it is not the truth. Hong Kong has a couple of hot spots for surfing, including the famous Big Wave Bay. Pro surfers can be spotted when the season comes.

    Is surfing difficult?

    Beginners are going to learn surfing in waist deep water, even those who cannot swim will be able to learn surfing!

    It is easy to stand on a board and surf the wave if you follow and try the instructions. Believe in yourself, you can do it!

    The Stand Up Paddle boards (SUP)

    SUPs are easy to learn and great fun to play with. They can go quite fast or you can paddle slowly, simply enjoy and relax in the ocean.


    Sometimes when the waves is not ideal for surfing, we will have fun with the SUPs. They can also be used to surf the waves when the waves are tiny!


    Come on, we would love to share with you the surfing and SUP fun!

    Cost Include

    10:00 am to 6:00pm

    Certified coach teaching basic surfing/ SUP skills, surfboard/ SUP, safety, photos and videos

  • Kayaking and Snorkeling

    A bit adventurous, suitable for those who would opt for excitement

    The Journey

    Followed by learning the basic kayaking skills, our coaches will plan the journey and lead participants paddle safely to the destination.

    We will be seeing the spectacular scenery along the coastline and experiencing the power of the ocean. Paddling to an island for lunch, where occasionally to area with amazing marine life.

    And some snorkeling!

    That we can experience some fun snorkeling and be a fish and swim in the ocean.

    The whole kayaking journey is led by experienced coach and first aider.

    If you want to come and join us with your friends, do not hesitate and apply online now!

    Cost Include

    10:00 am to 5:00 pm

    Kayak, paddle, Personal Flotation Device, snorkel and mask, experienced coach teaching basic kayaking skills, a kayak journey, safety, and lunch are included.

  • Apply Now!

    2-6 person $450/person

    7-10 person $420/person

    11-14 person $400/person

    15 or above $380/person

    Private lesson $750

    2-3 person $400/person

    4-5 person $370/person

    6 or above $350/person

    Private Lesson $850/person

    2-3 person $500/person

    4-5 person $470/person

    6 or above $450/person

    Private Lesson $800/person

    2-3 person $450/person

    4-5 person $420/person

    6 or above $400/person

    2-3 person $350/person

    4-5 person $320/person

    6 or above $300/person

  • Gear Rental

    Gear Photo Reference

    You are thinking of camping, but to purchase a big bunch of gears storing at home might be annoying.

    You are planning to go camping with friends, but you find out that the gears you have are not enough.

    In these situations, Tentgather is here to help!

    All gear are rented separately. The amount, settlement location and time are all chosen by you.

    We work flexibly to suit your needs, you can start your journey anytime!

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